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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pickup point is in Nixon, just south of BRC. If you put the following address in your navigation system, you’ll find us easily!

203 NV-447, Nixon, NV 89424

We have two bikes, The “Eco” and The “Premium”

The “Eco” Pricing

$499 – if purchased in June

$599 – if purchased in July

$799 – if purchased in August, including in-person during Burn week while supplies last

The “Premium” Pricing

$799 – if purchased in June

$899 – if purchased in July

$1,099 – if purchased in August, including in-person during Burn week while supplies last


Recycling Remuneration


If you want to return your eBike via our recycling program, you will have two options to choose from:
1 – Get $150 “store credit” – applied to purchase of another eBike good for one year
2 – Get $100 refunded within 90 days

We are Burners doing this for Burners. We are selling the eBikes at a low price point, not because they cost us any less than our competitors, but because we are trying to provide a legitimate solution for burners that want an eBike but don’t want to break the bank. We are investing in our company and are willing to make a lower profit margin. Our products go through inspection and quality assurance.

Yes. To learn more, fill out our Bulk Buying form here.

Yes. We understand camp leads may want to purchase in bulk. To qualify for our bulk discount, please fill out our Qualified Partner form here.

Yes. For every “Eco” bike sold because of your referral, you will receive a $25 discount toward your own purchase. And they will receive $25 discount off their purchase. For the “Premium” you get a $50 discount, and they get a $50 discount.

We do this to try to help those who may not qualify for our low-income program.

If you’d like to partner with us in other ways, feel free to reach out.

Yes. To get your affiliate discount coupon, just fill out the form here.

For every 50 Playa eBikes we sell, we are committed to offering one low-income bike. The price is on a sliding scale based on income verification. For further details, fill out the form here.

No. When you order your Playa eBike, it will be waiting for you near Reno so you can pick it up on the way to the Playa!


No. Once you take your Playa eBike away, you are fully liable for any and all repairs anywhere you take your eBike.

No. Because too many people will take advantage of this. Refer back to Almost Everyone Matters. I promise to run a good company, so I want my customers to promise they will be good, as well. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances for everything and I promise not to be an asshole.

To be eligible for our recycling program, your eBike must be returned in working order with all parts intact with only reasonable wear and tear.

Return it to the same location near Reno where you picked it up. You must set a return day and time that is approved by the team. This needs to be set up during pick-up.

Important: when you purchase your Playa eBike, there is an option to select “Recycle eBike.” To ensure we can commit to our financial promise to you upon return of your eBike, you must select this and one of the two recycle payment options.

Yes. I’ve been running a successful retail bike business since 2019. I love bikes and the future of sustainable exploration.


The speed limit in Black Rock Desert during the Burn is 5mph. Please don’t go over this for two reasons: 

1 – You will get a ticket. This is legit. There are police and they will ticket you like anyone who speeds in any city.

2 – You could ruin the future of eBikes at The Burn for others.

Please be respectful of the rules.

Contact Us
Phone: (775) 447-1775
For fastest response please contact us by chat

Office Hours
Mon–Fri 8:00am–7:00pm PST

Our RENTAL program

Yes, we rent our eBikes! Please take a moment to read through this entire page carefully.

Our eBikes are brand new. They are waiting for you in their original packaging. (You can request assembly for a very low $25 fee which covers the cost to dispose of the packing materials in a responsible manner). Many Burners cannot bring their eBikes back to their default life. If you wish to rent the eBike, here are the steps and terms/conditions we request you follow:

  1. Pay the eBike Deposit: Choose “Rent” when selecting your product on the product page. The amount at checkout will be the same.
  2. Schedule your Pickup: after submitting the order, you will receive an email with your receipt and a dedicated link to schedule to eBike pickup time
  3. Schedule your return: you will receive an additional email with a dedicated link to schedule your return. 
  4. Get $150 Refund (for the “Eco” and $200 for the “Premium”): We will refund $150 (for the “Eco”) or $200 (for the “Premium) for any eBike that is in proper working order. The playa is hard on everything, we know. But we cannot accept returns that are broken or missing parts. We request you return it with a charge in the battery so we can test it. Also, please remove all lighting and decorations. We reserve the right not to provide a refund based on our inspection of the eBike. By selecting the “Rental Program,” you agree to allow our on-site team member to be the final decision maker in the assessment.
We will keep our ears open to news of how Exodus is going. We understand it can be unpredictable. But if you miss your scheduled day and time, we cannot guarantee we will be there to accept your return. You must keep in touch with us.

All Rentals are non-refundable unless expressed otherwise by Playa eBikes in writing. If you fail to bring your eBike back we will keep the deposit paid.

Our Buy back program

We take pride in offering exclusively brand-new, unused eBikes for sale. Thus, a used bike cannot be resold. Our convenient buyback program ensures you can receive partial and intended for:

1. Burners returning a new eBike that has never been used.
2. Burners that purchased the eBike for the event but do not intend on taking it back with them and need to dispose of it. The program works as follows:

Unopened Box ($250): You have a Playa eBike that remains in its original packaging, and you have not opened the box.

Open Box ($150): You have taken the eBike out of its original packaging but have not used it.

Lightly Used ($100): You have used your Playa eBike, but it appears to be in like-new condition, with no visible cosmetic or physical signs of usage.

Save the environment ($50): You bring in your Playa eBike, which shows clear signs of usage.