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Our RENTAL program

Yes, we rent our eBikes! Please take a moment to read through this entire page carefully.

Our eBikes are brand new. They are waiting for you in their original packaging. (You can request assembly for a very low $25 fee which covers the cost to dispose of the packing materials in a responsible manner). Many Burners cannot bring their eBikes back to their default life. If you wish to rent the eBike, here are the steps and terms/conditions we request you follow:

  1. Pay the eBike Deposit: Choose “Rent” when selecting your product on the product page. The amount at checkout will be the same.
  2. Schedule your Pickup: after submitting the order, you will receive an email with your receipt and a dedicated link to schedule to eBike pickup time
  3. Schedule your return: you will receive an additional email with a dedicated link to schedule your return. 
  4. Get $150 Refund (for the “Eco” and $200 for the “Premium”): We will refund $150 (for the “Eco”) or $200 (for the “Premium) for any eBike that is in proper working order. The playa is hard on everything, we know. But we cannot accept returns that are broken or missing parts. We request you return it with a charge in the battery so we can test it. Also, please remove all lighting and decorations. We reserve the right not to provide a refund based on our inspection of the eBike. By selecting the “Rental Program,” you agree to allow our on-site team member to be the final decision maker in the assessment.
We will keep our ears open to news of how Exodus is going. We understand it can be unpredictable. But if you miss your scheduled day and time, we cannot guarantee we will be there to accept your return. You must keep in touch with us.

All Rentals are non-refundable unless expressed otherwise by Playa eBikes in writing. If you fail to bring your eBike back we will keep the deposit paid.